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About Kristy

What's my Story?


In 2017, I embarked on a journey to reclaim my health after years of feeling unwell. Frustrated with the lack of answers from Western medicine, I found an amazing Naturopath who guided me towards a healthier path. This experience empowered me with knowledge about food, health, and listening to my body. The road to wellness wasn't always smooth, but my determination, especially for my kids and myself, kept me going. As I transformed my life, I delved deeper into the profound impact of food and herbs. Infact, I’ve had a ‘thing’ with herbs most of my life, lead by my late grandmother.

Motivated by my own journey, I pursued studies in Functional Nutrition to become a nutrition coach, under Cyndi O’Meara, leading Nutritionist and founder of The Nutrition Academy.   With a background as a Professional Organiser, assisting everyone from busy mums to hoarders, working in a primary school with kids in sick bay (which I loved), being a really good listener, and a mum to two teens, I bring a wealth of knowledge, especially in motivation. My experience in counselling and mindfulness complements my understanding that change isn't just about food—it also requires motivation, self-love and self-trust.


Passionate about self-healing and fascinated by the uniqueness of each individual's journey, I explore various healing practices, including spiritual modalities. Besides my love for creating my own skincare and herbal remedies, I cherish soaking up the sun (it’s medicine after all!), pottering around in my little garden, learning, and spending time with my family and tribe.


Now, I'm here to guide you towards optimal well-being in body, mind, and soul.

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