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  • Kristy Dillon

We find ourselves at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution. A time of technology, integration, interconnectivity and smart automation. Technology has taken over and the need to do things with ease and on a large scale is taking precedence. Don't get me wrong - I love technology when it's used for good, and there is plenty of that, but there is also the 'dark side'.

Fake meat, fake dairy, pharmaceuticals, additives, preservatives, toxic carcinogenic pesticide sprayed fruit and vegetables, monocrops, the demonisation of good fats and protein - foods that actually help us thrive. It's difficult to know what is right anymore unless you dig deep and research in the right places.

The last 6-7 years has seen me researching what we are eating and how these new processes and chemicals are affecting us. Our bodies store all of these chemicals and find it difficult to process them, if they can at all. They build up and can damage us on a cellular level causing a multitude of disease and illness. These chemicals can also be passed down to our children in utero.

We need to be smart and shop with our wallets and understand what we are eating and giving to our kids. You'd be surprised to know the humble 'vegemite' is actually a processed chemical shitstorm which has absolutely no substance at all. Not one bit of substance. There are even chemicals that Bega (Vegemite's owners) won't disclose that are in vegemite and we wonder why we have a society full of allergies and illness. We literally don't even get to choose what chemicals we ingest if we buy a product like this.

A recent study showed that eating a diet of 30% of processed foods increased the depression rate by 23%. Thats huge. And concerning.

Check out the paper here:

After my learnings (and the ones to come) I can highly recommend going back to the way our grandparents ate and cooked or look at the anthropology of food, shop the outside aisles of your local supermarket, look for organic alternatives, grow your own food or find a good organic grocer or local farmer.

We really need to look after ourselves and our families as a priority, look at the labels and shop smarter.

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